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One of our guiding philosophies is that viewing the natural beauty of Monterey Bay and the Elkhorn Slough should have minimal impact on the wildlife and environment. A great step in that direction is the elimination or massive reduction of the noise and pollution caused by fossil fuel powered engines. Utilizing the ancient form of the canoe below the waterline, combined with modern design additions and materials, an extremely light, efficient catamaran can be built making it possible to power the vessel with electric motors.

Combining what is currently being developed in battery technology, materials, and manufacturing processes, we believe we can not only change the charter industry, but transform the boat building industry as well. One of the partners in the tour company has spent over 20 years developing not only the design, but also the methods involved to build these boats. Using a closed molded system that involves the most technologically advanced materials and emits relatively no VOC’s, boatbuilding is being resurrected in the Monterey Bay area creating jobs without the negative environmental impact.

The first boat under construction for Monterey Bay Eco Tours will be the El Cat, which will be a fully electric, 32 passenger, Coast Guard-certified vessel. This is a custom 37’ catamaran built and designed especially for the waters of our very own Elkhorn Slough. The aforementioned canoe-shaped hull form, with some added design attributes which allow for more comfort while retaining efficiency, is incorporated to provide the best passenger experience possible while minimizing the impact on an environmental source that is recovering. This vessel will rely entirely on electric power and will essentially run silently.

As planned, the tour will be an hour and a half from the loading dock at the Moss Landing Boatworks marina, which is located at the very end of the spit in Moss Landing. Elkhorn Slough is an incredibly diverse and fragile ecosystem which is vital to the health and vitality of Monterey Bay. The Slough is a nursery for fish, a haven for birds and a filter for the system of rivers and creeks that run into the bay. It is vital we take care of this body of water for future generations. We will provide an amazing way to educate the public about this precious resource aboard an electric vessel, gliding silently through the water so as not to disturb the flocks of migrating birds, families of sea otters, seals, leopard sharks and many more species of marine animals. How incredible is it to be a part of something so groundbreaking in its technology?

After the El Cat is launched, Monterey Bay Eco Tours has plans to follow up with another revolutionary catamaran build, which will be an electric hybrid whale watching boat! We are very excited about viewing whales without the acrid fumes of diesel exhaust and the deafening roar of fossil fuel engines. Having spent a fair amount of time under the surface, we at Monterey Eco Tours suspect the whales will appreciate the lack of noise and oil slicks. We firmly believe this is the future of charter boats interacting with these amazing mammals who depend on their hearing to survive. We are so excited to bring this technology to an industry where it can make such a difference. We love the ocean and Monterey Bay and hope to be able to leave the tiniest of footprints while spending time in this precious jewel and sharing it with others.

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