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All Electric Catamaran

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All Electric Catamaran

“Viewing the natural beauty of Monterey Bay and the Elkhorn Slough should have minimal impact on the wildlife and environment.”


Utilizing the ancient design of the canoe stern below the waterline, the builders added modern design additions and materials to create an extremely light, efficient catamaran that can be powered by electric motors. This greatly reduces noise and eliminates emissions.


Carbon Fiber/ Fiberglass is vacuum infused to make the boat both strong and light. The materials chosen emit relatively zero VOCs.
Two 20 Hp Elco motors power the vessel, running off 48 volts carbon foam batteries.

Building of the EL CAT

Canoe Hulls

El Cat Hull

The shape of the hulls allows the boat to efficiently cut through the water, reducing the energy needed to push the vessel forward.

Affixing Flat Panels

El cat hull 2

Each flat panel of the boat is made on a vacuum table, reducing waste while building the boat. The deck is carbon fiber, making it light and strong and the hulls were made from a mold.

Before Paint

El Cat Hull 3

After the hulls, benches, and panels are put together, the faring is done and smoothed out getting it ready for paint.

Clean and Quiet

El Cat Hull 4

Here the EL CAT is gliding cleanly and quietly through the water of the Elkhorn Slough while the passengers can see and hear the wildlife.