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Elkhorn Slough

Join us for one-and-a-half to two-hour cruises aboard the El Cat, a 32-passenger electric catamaran, gliding quietly (and cleanly)  through the waters of Elkhorn Slough!


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We Are Local & Family-Owned

Protecting & Preserving

About Monterey Bay Eco Tours

Monterey Eco Tours is a new company on the local charter boat scene located at Moss Landing Boatworks with the objective to operate a viable tourism business using new eco-friendly technology that will change the face of the charter boat industry, both locally and beyond.

About the ‘El Cat’

The El Cat, built right here in Moss Landing, is a fully electric, 32 passenger, Coast Guard-certified vessel. This is a custom 37’ catamaran built and designed especially for the waters of our very own Elkhorn Slough.

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What we do

Our Services

Daily Tours

Monterey Bay Eco Tours offers daily tours on the El Cat year round. The hour and a half trip takes you from El Cat’s berth at Moss Landing Boatworks through the winding tidal flats of Elkhorn Slough deep into the reserve.

Private Charters

We can accommodate private groups as large as 32 and will schedule a private charter tailored to fit your needs. Our boat is a great platform to move around and mingle with your business partners or extended family in a tranquil outdoor setting. Catering is also available. Contact us for our special group rates.

School Groups

As the boat can seat 32 passengers and is a safe platform for kids of all ages we are a great option for school groups. Interested in field trips to study ecology, natural history, wildlife, birdwatching, stewarding our environment and so much more? We are excited to accommodate school groups and have special groups rates for education.

Birding Tours

The Elkhorn Slough is visited by over 340 species of birds throughout the year. This tranquil estuary has such an abundant variety of habitat for so many unique species that it is a birder’s paradise! Photographers love our boat because of the lack of vibration from the electric motors. Contact us for the special birder group rate. Click here for link to Audubon Elkhorn Slough site.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a delightful educational experience on a comfortable, eco-friendly and quiet electric catamaran. We believe that viewing the natural beauty of the Elkhorn Slough should have minimal impact on the wildlife and environment. It is our vision to become a leading example of a charter boat company that demonstrates a model of environmental sustainability.

Get Involved

monterey bay elkhorn slough non-profit societiesThe Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Elkhorn Slough Foundation work with government, community agencies and other partners to protect this precious and scarce environment.


John, Daly City, CA

My family of 4 booked a tour with Monterey Bay Eco Tours after checking out other tour companies. We totally enjoyed the day. Our guide made sure we were comfortable, and was very accommodating with our children. We had a fabulous day and would recommend Monterey Bay Eco Tours to anyone considering an Elkhorn Slough Tour.

Anita, Phoenix, AZ

This was our fourth trip with Monterey Bay Eco Tours and it lived up to our very high expectations. The ship was quiet, clean, comfortable, and excellently crewed. A shout-out to our wonderfully informed guide who pointed out local flora and fauna. Excellent!

Life on the Slough

Photo Gallery

All images taken aboard the El Cat

Brown Pelican

Scientific Name: Pelecanus occidentalis

Southern Sea Otter

Scientific Name: Enhydra lutris

Purple-striped Jelly

Scientific name: Chrysaora colorata

Harbor Seal

Scientific Name: Phoca vitulina

Common murre

Scientific name: Uria aalge

Brandt's cormorant

Scientific name: Phalacrocorax penicillatus

Before you visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our tour different?

Our 32 USCG certified passenger vessel is fully electric!

How to dress?

Please dress warmly and in layers. Sun hats are recommended as well as there is not a roof on the vessel. Weather in Monterey Bay can be unpredictable and we go out rain or shine.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

There is a small marine style “head” or restroom on board the Slough Cat but we recommend using the bathrooms we have available at the docks before setting off on the tour.

Are children allowed?

Yes, children of all ages are allowed on board.

Is there parking?

Yes! Monterey Bay Eco Tours is located at 10932 Clam Way with plenty of free parking available on site and easy to find. Check in at the booth in the parking lot *

How early should we arrive?

Please arrive with at least 20 minutes before the boat is scheduled to leave as that will give you ample time to check in and use the restroom if needed before boarding the vessel

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