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Otter Guarantee


We know you love Otters because who doesn’t?  That is why we are offering a money-back guarantee if you don’t see an otter on one of our daily tours. Of course, there are other animals including sea lions, harbor seals, and an abundant array of migratory birds in the Elkhorn Slough just waiting to be discovered. However, we guarantee you will see Southern Sea Otters or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!

We can’t guarantee what the otters will be doing because this is an active bunch of sea otters in the Elkhorn Slough. We are also very proud to be certified Wildlife Stewards with Sea Otter Savvy. What does that mean? It means that we take great care in making sure we have the least amount of impact on these amazing creatures as possible. The otters of the Elkhorn Slough have pups all year long, so you have an excellent chance to see a mom feeding or playing with her pup. Since otters need to eat upwards of 25% (a nursing mother needs about 50%) of their body weight in food each day you will probably see otters diving and hunting for food. That also means it is very important to give them space as we are spotting them. When they reemerge they may be gulping their food down before their pups try to steal it or perhaps you will spot a mom training her adolescent pup how to forage for him or herself. Since otters don’t have blubber, they keep warm by constantly grooming their very dense fur. By trapping air bubbles in it, they create a sort of insulating effect. So you could spot them rolling around and doing all sorts of gymnastic maneuvers.

Another important activity for Southern Sea Otters in the Elkhorn Slough is sleeping. These otters need their beauty rest! We will generally see a raft or two of darling sleeping otters. We love watching these otters floating with their paws out of the water. Which preserves their energy and keeps them warm. It is so incredibly important they are not disturbed during this vital part of their daily routine. So bring your binoculars and come check out these amazing creatures while an experienced naturalist gives you a guided tour of this incredible ecosystem.