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Adult 12 Years and Older
Senior 65 Years and Older
Child Under 12 years old

Discover the biodiversity of Elkhorn Slough

A wildlife tour on one of California’s largest tidal waterways.

Join us on a one-of-a-kind, electric-powered catamaran ride for a wildlife tour along one of California’s largest tidal waterways. Enjoy a narrated cruise along the Elkhorn Slough, a vibrant and lively wetland located on Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Monterey in Moss Landing.

Want to see otters? This is your chance! While we can’t guarantee what the otters will be doing because this is an active bunch of sea otters in the Elkhorn Slough. We are also very proud to be certified Wildlife Stewards with Sea Otter Savvy. What does that mean? It means that we take great care in making sure we have the least amount of impact on these amazing creatures as possible. The otters of the Elkhorn Slough have pups all year long, so you have an excellent chance to see a mom feeding or playing with her pup.

What’s Included

We have a naturalist on board to assist in wildlife spotting, providing insight into the natural wonders of the Slough, and to answer any questions. Our naturalists are experienced and always informed about the happenings in the Slough and will be narrated during the tour to educate you with the nature of the wetland, its habitants and more fun facts about the area.  There is also a bathroom on board our electric catamaran.

Know before you go

It is always best to dress in layers as the weather can change drastically on our beautiful California Coast. No need to worry about seasickness as the Slough is flat calm and our boat is an extremely stable platform. Bring a camera and binoculars if possible! Our boat departs on schedule so make sure to arrive 20 minutes ahead of time.

Loved Our Tour! Google Reviews

LWyatt was super knowledgeable and we got so lucky to see so many sea lions, harbor seals, otters and many types of birds! The electric boat was very quiet, and they even had blankets aboard for those who got cold when the wind picked up! They also provided binoculars which was great! We live in WA and this was definitely worth doing on our trip.

– Cassandra M.
Great Experience for Our Grandchildren! TripAdvisor

We were so fortunate to have Marina as our Captain and Cindy as our naturalist. We enjoyed the trip together with our 3 grandchildren. We're trying to instill in them a love of nature and travel. Marina and Cindy gave great answers to the questions asked by the kids. We endorse the electric boat 100% -- and I bought a T-shirt to remember the trip!

– aglessnerz1
Such a Wonderful Tour Google Reviews

The electric catamaran was such a smooth ride and very quiet and peaceful. I was worried we might not see any sea otters but we observed so many and they were engaged in different activities like hunting, eating, sleeping in rafts (groups of otters), grooming themselves and playing. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and taught us about the varied flora, fauna and ecology of Elkhorn Slough. I will definitely go again with friends and family. Big recommend to all. Thanks Monterey Eco Tours for such a great tour

– Esin S.
Enjoyable and Educational TripAdvisor

So friendly and relaxing. The naturalist provided s interesting information and fun stories about the bay, the slough, and the wildlife we saw, and answered all of our questions. We were able to move around the catamaran to get close ups of the otters and other animals. We loved being out on the water. There were sunglasses, blankets if we needed, and even a restroom on the boat.

– Kathe G.