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A group of relaxed sea lions basking on a dock at Moss Landing Harbor.

Animals You May Encounter on Your Elkhorn Slough Boat Cruise with Monterey Bay Eco Tours

Embark on a captivating boat cruise with Monterey Bay Eco Tours to explore the abundant wildlife of the Elkhorn Slough. As a local and family-owned eco-tourism company, we offer an exceptional and sustainable experience aboard our innovative, fully electric catamaran, the El Cat. Glide silently through the waters, respecting nature’s harmony, as we introduce you to a diverse array of fascinating creatures. Join us as we reveal the extraordinary animals that may cross your path during this nature-filled adventure.

  1. The Majestic Great Blue Heron: Keep your eyes peeled for the impressive Great Blue Heron, gracefully patrolling the water’s edge. Admire its striking blue-gray plumage and stately presence, a symbol of the Elkhorn Slough’s untouched beauty.
  2. Enchanting Sea Otters: Witness the playful and adorable sea otters as they frolic in the tranquil waters. These charismatic creatures are known for their dexterous paws and their endearing habit of floating on their backs.
  3. Curious Harbor Seals: Observe the curious harbor seals basking in the sun on rocky outcrops or playfully swimming in the water. These sociable marine mammals add to the allure of the Elkhorn Slough.
  4. Charming Sea Lions: Keep an eye out for the charismatic California sea lions, delighting visitors with their boisterous calls and amusing antics. Marvel at their agility in the water and their skillful maneuvers.
  5. Diverse Bird Species: The Elkhorn Slough is a vital part of the Pacific Flyway, making it a haven for various bird species. Spot elegant Brown Pelicans, graceful Cormorants, and majestic Blue Herons soaring above the water.
  6. Fascinating Sea Birds: Scan the skies for a multitude of sea birds, such as Gulls and Terns, gracefully soaring and diving into the water in search of food.

Monterey Bay Eco Tours invites you to experience the wonders of the Elkhorn Slough aboard our electric catamaran, the El Cat. Discover the diverse and enchanting wildlife that calls this pristine estuary home. From the elegant Great Blue Heron to the playful sea otters and the charming harbor seals, this eco-adventure promises an unforgettable encounter with nature’s finest. Join us on a boat cruise filled with awe-inspiring moments and eco-friendly practices that showcase the beauty of the Elkhorn Slough while preserving its delicate ecosystem. Book your tour today and embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the remarkable animals of the Elkhorn Slough.

An elegant Great Blue Heron leisurely explores the serene shoreline of Elkhorn Slough, its tall, slender form reflecting in the calm waters.

Witness the serene elegance of a Great Blue Heron as it gracefully explores the enchanting shores of Elkhorn Slough. Nature’s beauty at its finest. #GreatBlueHeron #ElkhornSlough #Wildlife #NatureLovers