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Raft of Otters Elkhorn Slough

If you’ve ever wanted to spot otters and contribute to their conservation, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s online course, “Otter Spotter,” provides the perfect opportunity for both kids and adults alike. Although designed for ages 3 to 7, the interactive, engaging nature of the course makes it enjoyable for otter enthusiasts of all ages.

“Otter Spotter” is more than just an online course; it’s an exciting, immersive experience that allows young learners—and the young at heart—to dive deep into the captivating world of otters. The course introduces otters’ unique behaviors, their important role in the Monterey Bay ecosystem, and how each of us can contribute to their conservation.

Heartwarming scene of an otter with a pup on its stomach, showcasing a special bonding moment during a memorable Monterey Bay Eco Tour.The course provides a wealth of interactive learning experiences that are sure to delight, inspire, and educate. By the end of “Otter Spotter,” participants will not only be able to identify otters and understand their behavior but also participate in their protection through citizen science initiatives. This approach empowers everyone, no matter their age, to play an active role in otter conservation by reporting sightings and observations.

Once you and your young ones have completed the Otter Spotter course, it’s time to bring that newfound knowledge and enthusiasm to the real world. Monterey Bay Eco Tours offers the perfect opportunity for you to observe these delightful creatures in their natural habitat in Elkhorn Slough.

At Monterey Bay Eco Tours, we provide an intimate perspective of the Elkhorn Slough ecosystem from our eco-friendly, electric-powered boat. We ensure that every tour is not just fun, but also educational. Our knowledgeable guides provide interesting insights and facts about the wildlife you encounter, enhancing the learning experience started with the “Otter Spotter” course.

As you spot sea otters during your trip, remember that you’re not just sightseeing but also participating in their conservation. Sharing your sightings and any interesting otter behavior you observe with Monterey Bay Aquarium contributes valuable data that supports the protection of otter populations.

In conclusion, the “Otter Spotter” online course by Monterey Bay Aquarium and a trip with Monterey Bay Eco Tours offer a unique and engaging way for individuals of all ages to learn about otters and actively participate in their conservation. No matter your age, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery in Elkhorn Slough!

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