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Heartwarming scene of an otter with a pup on its stomach, showcasing a special bonding moment during a memorable Monterey Bay Eco Tour.

The Southern Sea Otter

Scientific Name: Enhydra lutris
Family: Mustelidae

The Elkhorn Slough has the highest density of southern sea otters in the world.  With approximately 140 sea otters living year-round in the slough you will be sure to get your fill of these adorable creatures. Related to the weasel family they are energetic and inquisitive. Since they pup all year you will see all ages of otters eating, sleeping and playing.

Check out the Otter Cam at the

In the Elkhorn Slough Otters eat crabs, clams, fat inn keeper worms and the occasional bird.  You heard that right We have a birderer in the Elkhorn slough.  The male otter as been seen eating seagulls and Captain Wendy Kitchell, crew and a tour has seen this otter take a Earred Greb out of the water, like a great white attacking a seal. Since Otters nees to eat 25% of there body weight in food every day we are glad they are getting the nutrients they need.  A lactaing mother may need to eat upwards of 50% of here weight in food a day.