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Raft of Otter Elkhorn Slough Moss Landing

At Monterey Bay Eco Tours, we are committed to creating a stress-free booking experience for you. We understand that life happens. Kids get sick, cars break down, rain is coming, trees fall down, there’s road construction, dogs chew up your furniture, whatever it may be, we get it! That is why we offer a stress free, 24-hour cancellation policy on all of our scheduled public tours of Elkhorn Slough.

When you purchase a ticket for a public tour, we want you to know that you have the flexibility of rebooking to another time or getting a FULL REFUND if something comes up 24 hours before your scheduled tour. If you find your plans are not shaking out as you thought, please give us a call at (831) 200-3454, and we will sort it out together!

As the weather turns and school is back in session, the Elkhorn Slough is still bustling with wildlife all year long. No matter the time of day, or the time of year, we can guarantee you will see sea otters, harbor seals, and a variety of migrating and resident bird species during your tour on the El Cat. So don’t let the weather, or cold and flu season, hold you back from getting out on the water with your friends and family! The Fall and Winter seasons are some of the most beautiful times to explore Elkhorn Slough. With mild weather conditions and a tremendous influx of migrating birds visiting the Elkhorn Slough, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

We look forward to sharing the beauty of Elkhorn Slough with you. Book your tickets online at or call (831) 200-3454.

Young adventurers spellbound at the nesting site of Brandt Cormorants during an unforgettable El Cat field trip on Elkhorn Slough (pronounced slew) Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of El Cat, these two curious students find themselves in awe as they observe the bustling colony of Brandt Cormorants in their natural nesting habitat. Witnessing the cormorants' intricate nests and synchronized movements, they're immersed in a rare glimpse of avian family life. A symphony of squawks and flapping wings fills the air, sparking wonder and curiosity in the hearts of these young explorers. #ElCatFieldTrip #BrandtCormorants #NestingSite #NatureExplorers #YoungNaturalists #LearningAdventure #CuriousMinds #EnvironmentalEducation #UpCloseWithNature #ElCatExperience

Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Treasures: Captivated by the Brandt Cormorant Nesting Site during an Exhilarating El Cat Field Trip.
#ElCatFieldTrip #BrandtCormorants #NestingSite #YoungExplorers #NatureEncounters #LearningJourney #UpCloseWithWildlife #EnvironmentalEducation #NatureExploration