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a group of people enjoy the knowledge shared by Monterey Bay Eco Tours naturalist aboard their tour.
The Elkhorn Slough is a vibrant and diverse wetland ecosystem located on Monterey Bay, California. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including sea otters, seals, sea lions, and a variety of birds. The Elkhorn Slough is also an important stop for migratory birds along the Pacific Flyway.

One of the best ways to experience the Elkhorn Slough is to take a boat tour. Monterey Bay Eco Tours offers unique electric catamaran tours of the slough aboard the El Cat. The El Cat is a 37-foot, fully electric catamaran that is designed specifically for the calm waters of the slough.

The El Cat is powered by two Elco electric motors that run on 48 volts. This means that the El Cat is completely silent and produces no emissions. This is beneficial for the Elkhorn Slough in a number of ways.

First, the El Cat’s electric motors are much quieter than traditional gasoline-powered boat engines. This means that the El Cat does not disturb the wildlife in the slough. Sea otters are particularly sensitive to noise, and the El Cat’s quiet engines allow visitors to get close to these amazing creatures without disturbing them.

Second, the El Cat produces no emissions. This means that it does not contribute to air pollution in the Elkhorn Slough. Air pollution can harm the wildlife in the slough and damage the delicate wetland ecosystem.

Finally, the El Cat was  made with efficiency in mide not only through Hull design but the building process used a unique process with fiberglass and carbon fiber that reduces waste in the building process

In addition to its environmental benefits, the El Cat also offers a number of other advantages for visitors. The catamaran is very stable and comfortable, and it offers panoramic views of the slough. The El Cat is also equipped with a restroom and a naturalist who can provide information about the wildlife and the natural environment of the slough.

If you are looking for a quiet and eco-friendly way to experience the Elkhorn Slough, the El Cat is the perfect choice for you. Book your tour today and see for yourself why the El Cat is the best way to explore the Elkhorn Slough.

Behold the breathtaking beauty of Elkhorn Slough during a mesmerizing sunset, captured aboard the enchanting El Cat vessel. Nature's masterpiece unfolds as the warm orange hues dance upon the tranquil waters, creating an unforgettable experience. #ElkhornSloughMagic #SunsetSplendor #ElCatExperience

Embarking on an unforgettable voyage into the horizon, aboard the El Cat, as the sun paints the sky with brilliant hues of orange. #SunsetSerenade #SeafaringAdventures #ElCalVoyage